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Florida Executive Property Services is a locally owned and managed company that was established to provide a professional level of service to its owners, tenants, and vendors, and to promote through the example of everyday conduct, our belief that following the “Golden Rule” is the best and most proper way to conduct our business practices, thus earning the trust, friendship, and repeat business of our clients as well as the respect of our peers. The following is a brief overview of our Owner Services. For a more detailed review and how we can best serve your needs, please contact Irene Ocasio by phone or email.

Management Agreements

Placement Only

With this agreement, we help you with the rental process, the writing of the lease, and the move-in of the tenants. At this point, we will release the security deposit to you and you will manage the property for the remainder of the lease.

Fee: First Full Month’s Rent

Full Property Management

With this level of service, we assist you through the entire application, tenant approval and move-in process and then fully manage the property after the tenants have moved in.

Fee: Full Month’s Rent & 10% Every Month

How to Prepare Your Home to Lease for the Highest Amount

In preparing your home to lease, we suggest making the following improvements to the exterior and interior of the home. These improvements will allow the potential tenants to view the property in its best possible condition and generally results in the highest possible amount of rent.


  • Pick up trash/litter
  • Touch up trim paint on doors, window frames, fascia, etc.
  • Pressure wash exterior walls, driveway, and sidewalks
  • Mow, edge, weed and trim shrubbery frequently
  • Inspect the roof for necessary repairs, broken shingles/tiles, and mildew
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts


  • Repair chipped plaster and touch up paint
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Clean floors, carpets, countertops, and appliances
  • Empty garbage containers
  • Repair/Replace all torn screens

Marketing Your Property

We employ a variety of marketing techniques that enable us to reach a broad range of potential tenants. We utilize the internet by listing your property on the following websites: Florida Executive Property Services website (ferleases.com), Multiple Listing Service (mfr.mlxchange.com), RE Military (remilitary.com), and Realtor.com. Through the internal referral service of our parent company, Florida Executive Realty, all of the agents in the five offices are notified on a weekly basis of our properties available for lease. A “For Lease” sign will be placed in the front yard, unless prohibited or restricted by the Home Owner’s Association.

As an additional service to our owners, we provide you with a weekly e-mail update of the phone inquiries and showings on the property.

Finding a Tenant

When we receive an inquiry on one of our properties, we work with the potential tenant to help them find the property that best meets their needs. We have in-house showing agents, who are available to show your property seven days a week. Once an application has been received on a property, we conduct the following steps to process the application: national credit check, national criminal background check, national eviction check, rental history verification, and employment/income verification. Once we have collected all of the necessary information, we present the application to the owner for approval or denial. Please be aware that some Home Owner’s Associations require a separate application, application fee, and/or security deposit. Once the application has been approved, the tenants will sign the lease and provide a security deposit. Once the security deposit is received we will remove the property from the market. For more information on this process please refer to the “Lease Process” tab.

Moving In

Prior to move-in, the tenants will switch the utilities into their name. Move-in takes place on the first day of the lease. The tenants will meet the Property Manager at the property to conduct the move-in inspection. The keys will be issued at this time.

Rent Collection & Processing

Rent is due on the first of each month. Once the rent has been received, it will then be processed and disbursement of the rental proceeds will be completed no later than the 7th of each month, provided rent has been received on time. Along with your rental proceeds you will receive a monthly statement detailing the rent payment, invoices paid, and management fees. For invoices that have been paid we will attach a copy of the invoice.

Per federal regulations, you will receive a year end summary statement showing all of the yearly income and expenses for your property and the 1099 tax form.

Delinquent Rent

In the event that rent has not been received, we will place a courtesy call to the tenants requesting payment. If there is no response to this request a “Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Deliver Possession” will be posted at the property. At this point the owner has the option of pursuing eviction.

Maintenance & Repairs

While your home is leased it must be properly maintained in order to preserve its value and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants. Florida law requires owners to comply with certain basic maintenance and repair items. We do not assess a surcharge or make a profit from maintenance and repairs.

When maintenance is needed we will contact you to inform you of the situation and to obtain authorization to send out a vendor. In the event of an emergency that poses a threat to the house and/or tenants the Property Manager reserves the right to proceed with repairs without the authorization of the owner. Should this occur, we will be in constant communication with you.

We will only use vendors that are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work being performed.  We use reputable vendors throughout the Tampa area, should you want to use a specific company, please let us know.


Inspections are conducted at move-in and move-out. These inspections are very thorough and detail the condition of the property room by room. You may also elect to have a mid-lease walk-thru. This provides a general overview of the current condition of the home, including cleanliness, lawn care, and overall good repair.

Lease Renewals

On or about 60 days prior to the expiration date of the lease, we will contact you and then the tenants to discuss renewal options.

**All relationships are established by written agreement between you and Florida Executive Property Services or company acquired by Florida Executive Property Services. All terms, conditions and and provisions outlined in this website are subject to change or withdrawal at any time, without notice. You should look solely to your individual property management services agreement for actual services rendered. **